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LiMe Nano Bioengineering:

Established in April 2023 within the Institute of Life and Medical Sciences (LiMe) at Kyoto University, the Nano Bioengineering Lab delves into the intricate organization of multicellular systems. Our research endeavors focus on elucidating the cross-scale system from single cells to complex organisms and understanding the mechanisms underlying diseases that arise from organizational disruptions.
We pioneer innovative omics methodologies, leveraging advancements in micro/nanofluidics and electrokinetics, to unravel these fundamental questions. Our interdisciplinary approach unites experts from diverse fields including basic biology, cancer biology, biophysics, and mechanical engineering.
At the heart of our work lies the collaborative environment of LiMe, serving as a dynamic hub for interdisciplinary exchange. Together, we strive to push the boundaries of knowledge and contribute to breakthroughs in biomedical science and engineering.

RIKEN Microfluidics

Started in April 2018 at RIKEN, Wako, Japan, under the RIKEN Hakubi  Program and will be directed by Dr. Hirofumi Shintaku until March 2025.

We actively study problems involving fluid dynamics and transport phenomena in micro/nano confined spaces. The problems are inspired by microfluidic systems for biochemical analysis and cellular engineering. Especially, we are interested in electrokinetic phenomena, e.g., electrophoresis, electroosmotic flow, and electrowetting, of complex fluids including cells and biomacromolecules. We use various approaches of experiments, numerical simulation, and modeling to explore the problems. Major methods in experiments are optical flow observations based on fluorescence microscopy, micro-PIV (particle image velocimetry), high precision current/voltage measurements, and micro fabrications.   We also leverage theoretical and numerical analyses based on fluid mechanics to understand the physics underlying the phenomena observed in experiments. See more detail in our recent publications.

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